Our Services
  • Real Estate

    a) AL Hadi CENTRE a 70,000SQF a commercial building which fully rented to departmental stores and small retail shops and franchises with various activities.
    b) ALHadi COMPLEX an office building fully rented offices on upper floors and the ground floor is rented to major banks in Bahrain.
    c) Abdullah Building a malty story residential apartments.

  • ALHadi Property Management

    a) Manages all the properties and Lands privately owned by ALHadi GROUP.

  • ALHadi Investments

    An investments department which looks for new investments for ALHadi GROUP in properties,lands,franchises,new agencies,shares and bonds and once any investment is established then it transfers to the right department in the group.ures.

  • Road Enterprises

    A wholesale department mainly deals in watches and household appliances and distributes to different retailers.

  • ALHadi Stores

    a) A shop deals in household appliances and other activities.

  • Franchising

    a) ALHadi GROUP is the master franchisee of MOTI MAHAL in middle east a fine dining north Indian cuisine ,Moti Mahal is established since 1920.
    b)ALHadiI GROUP has the franchise right for Dosa and Chutny a south Indian fine dining cuisine.
    c) ALHadi GROUP has the franchise right for CHINA WHITE a fine dining Chinese cuisine.

  • Inspirational Foods LLC

    Has the franchise right for Dosa and Chutny in UAE and first outlet has already been opened one week ago and looking for other areas in UAE to open soon.

  • Moti Mahal Delux Hospitality India And Alhadi Group

    a) Soon to open Moti Mahal Restaurants in various parts of UAE. b) MOTI MAHAL looking into other markets in the Gulf like Qatar which is already under negotiation,Kuwait,Oman and Saudi Arabia.